Saturday, July 12, 2014

What the Tour De France Jerseys Mean

Understanding the meaning behind the jersey colors will help fans appreciate and enjoy the race to a higher degree.
Yellow Jersey. The most important of the race, the yellow jersey goes to the current overall race leader. The yellow color helps the rider stand out in the crowd and is based on the color of paper used to print a French bicycling periodical. The first place team (based on the times of the team's top 3 riders) also wears yellow hats.
White  Jersey with Red Polka Dots. This prestigious jersey is awarded to the rider determined to be the best climber during mountain stages of the race. The best climber title is awarded based on a point system that varies with the difficulty of each particular mountain stage.
Green Jersey. Usually going to a sprinter-style rider, the green jersey is worn by the current points leader in the race. Points are awarded to each of the first 25 riders to finish a stage.
Plain White Jersey. A plain white jersey is awarded to the best performer in the youth division (riders under the age of 25).
Rainboy Jersey. A white jersey with a five-colored horizontal rainbow stripe around the abdomen is worn by the reigning world champion during the race.
If the race leader also qualifies for another jersey, the leader will wear the yellow and the other jersey will go to the second-place rider in that category.

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