Friday, December 21, 2012

LeBron James. Daily commuter


LeBron James is already in top shape as the marquee NBA star, but he has slowly begun to pump up the intensity and frequency of cycling as part of his cardio-conditioning program.
James began occasionally cycling back to his Coconut Grove, Fla., home after NBA games at Miami's American Airlines Arena, and now the 30- to 45-minute bike commute has become a regular part of his routine.
“I felt great [afterward],” LeBron told the Sun Sentinel. “I didn’t get tired. I could have played again if we had to. I’ve been biking a little more than usual. It’s fun. It’s also conditioning, it’s cardio.”
The ripped 6-foot-8 Miami Heat star's standard workout includes basketball, weight-training, pushups, pullups and squats standing on a vibrating platform.
James, who already gets lots of cardio exercise during his NBA games, says the additional aerobic conditioning he has been getting from cycling has improved his stamina and his overall game.
LeBron, 27, says being recognized on the street isn't a big issue when he's out on his bike. “People try to stop me but I’m in a zone," he says.
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