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6 Tips on How to Get Started Bike Commuting and the 2013 Giant Escape 3.

1. Pick a sturdy bike.
If you are just getting a bike, or have several at home, choose a bike for commuting that has a strong hand built wheel set to withstand daily urban rides. You definitely want something sturdier than just a recreational bike due to the varied pavement surfaces you will encounter such as potholes, asphalt, concrete and rocks. Plus, you may have a load to carry with you including work items, books, a change of clothes and even a laptop, so, you need something that can provide a comfortable ride with the additional weight. You should also consider beefier tires for durability and puncture resistance. We recommend the Giant Escape 3.
2. Don't head out without a route plan.
Don’t just jump on your bike and go, thinking, “I know how to get to work”. There may be several routes you could select and you will mostly likely need a side road route that does not involve the freeway for safety purposes, so, pop online to Google Maps and plan your route well in advance of your first attempt to bike to work. You may even want to practice it on Sunday first before launching your first effort Monday morning.
3. Check your bike often and be ready for a flat.
Clean your bike monthly, at least, and check weekly for wear and tear on tires and brakes for sure. Tire pressure is also very important, so, have a gauge and review the chains for rust too. Make sure you know where the nearest gas stations are on your route too in case you need to stop for air. Always carry a flat repair kit with you which includes: a patch kit, a hand held pump, an extra tube, tire levers, and hex wrenches. Don’t get stuck unprepared.
4. Clothes: Keep some at the office or bring some daily.
If you wear dress shoes at work, leave a pair or two at the office so you don’t have to carry them back and forth in a backpack or bike bag. Regarding clothing, you can take all your clothes for the week on Monday to lighten the load daily and always keep extra essentials stored at work too, like, undergarments, pants, shirt and a belt.
5. How to freshen up?
This is when it’s great to store your items at the office in advance of the first bike run. Pack a gym back with the following: towel, baby wipes, baby powder, deodorant, hairspray and gel. If you don’t have a place to store your hygienic items at the office, try going smaller with travel sized items in a big zip lock bag. Allow 10 – 20 minutes of extra time in your schedule to clean up before getting to your desk, ready to start your day!
6. Night before weather check.
Be sure to check the weather report in your area the night before your commute so you can wear a rain slicker on wet days if needed, or, more eye and sun protection on hot days. And, pack some drinking water too!
We hope these tips inspire you to venture out into the daily commute on your bike. You’ll not only save money on gas, but, you’ll have a chance to get out in the fresh air, see some beautiful sites and maybe even shed a few pounds in the process. Happy biking!
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2013 Giant Escape 3

Frame> ALUXX-Grade aluminum
Fork> Hi-Tensile steel
Crankset> Suntour NEX, 28/38/48t
Cassette> SRAM PG830, 11x32, 8-speed
Derailleur's> Shimano Altus
Hubs> Alloy
Rims> Giant Alloy, doublewall
Tires> Giant S-X3, 700x32c
Brakes> Tektro, dual-pivot, alloy
Saddle> Giant Sport
Price> around $400.00
Cycling is a journey. Literally and figuratively. From the day you pick up your first "real" bicycle (Stay away from big box store bicycles) at your local bike shop you'll begin a journey that will take you to a different and better place year to year. No other lifestyle can open up the infinite possibilities of a single machine like cycling can. Bicycles, in my opinion are like musical instruments... that you peddle. So begin your journey with a solid, dependable bicycle, purchased at a local bike shop and you'll will do nothing but move your life in a forward direction, which is what life is really all about. Moving forward. --->

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