Saturday, February 18, 2012

Critical Mass

The best way to understand what is a Critical Mass is watching the documentary We Are Traffic .
Critical Mass is a celebration of the bicycle as a means of transport that occurs in more than 300 cities around the world. It happens when tens, hundreds or thousands of cyclists gather to take their place in the streets and create a counterpoint to the more established means of urban transportation.

Many say that cycling in traffic is almost a metaphor for the fragility and helplessness of an individual against the violent opposition of governments, corporations and other systems of repression. Critical Mass then serves to show us that when we get together and support each other, we can cope with any opposition.

Critical Mass is a celebration to break the monotony, mechanistic and aggressiveness of urban transit, bringing joy and other human elements - arms, legs and faces - the asphalt.

Critical Mass is held horizontally, has no representatives, spokesmen or leaders. She has a voice. She has many voices as participants. Everyone is free to take the occurrence or the claim you want.

Together for a more human traffic, for the most beautiful cities and cheerful, for a more breathable, we are all part of the Critical Mass.

"We Are Traffic" A short film ->
Thanks to Rogerio, a friend of mine from Porto Alegre, Brazil for this information.
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