Saturday, September 3, 2011

“dork disc"

That plastic piece that looks like a pie plate is a spoke protector. Some folks call it a “dork disc," and they suck! I had a "dork disc" on my Trek when I broke a spoke. After having the spoke replaced I couldn't help but notice a clicking sound coming from the rear hub. This is why I don't mess with bike repair. It's not as simple as it looks and it's maddening... Anyway, I couldn't figure out what was making this insidious clicking sound. The hub was fine when the mechanic replaced the spoke so what had I done in the inner sanctom of the time continuum to make this damn thing click. It must be my negative aura I figured until I noticed a small crack in the spoke protector. A.K.A. "dork disc." I cut the Xc%(*y$e(wy!!!!!!!!!! thing off and wala!!! Problem solved! God I hate messing with bicycles...
 No one ever told me about this "dork disc" so I'm telling you. Cut the Xc%(*y$e% thing off... lesson learned.

Courtesy of S. Monkey

 "The space-time continuum" is a mathematical model that combines space and time into a single construct. This spacetime is usually explained with a model where space is three-dimensional and time has the role of the fourth dimension. The clicking sound coming from my hub being sound coming from the fourth dimension...

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Bikezilla said...

What does it protect your spokes from?

When you shit under load your derailleur flexes.

Now, if you have a quality groupo this is not a problem. It isn't going to flex enough to find it's way into your spokes as they spin round and round at high speed as you ride. Probably.

But if you have a shit groupo, like Shimano Sora, or many other low end groupos, then the protection offered by the dork disk is real and valuable. Because these low end groupos may flex under load enough that they WILL enter your rapidly spinning spokes, and that could be very ugly.

I wrote about this a while ago on Bikezilla. But my computer is acting up and I can't load the site to search of it.