Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bicycle Share Program To Hit NYC In 2012

Bicycle sharing will hit New York City next year, as 10,000 bikes get deployed in an effort to get the increasingly popular form of urban transport a foothold in the Big Apple.
Alta Bicycle Share announced Wednesday that they'd won the contract from New York City for the privately funded system, which will start in summer of 2012, with 600 bike stations in Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn.

The bicycles will be stationed every few blocks and will be made available around the clock, with apps available to smartphone users that will inform them of availability.

Financing for the network will be derived from sponsorship and low-cost annual membership fees that would allow for unlimited usage for 30 to 45 minute trips -- longer trips will be charged extra.

"Bike share is a new form of public transportation that will help connect New Yorkers to their own neighborhoods, other neighborhoods and to public transit," Alison Cohen, president of Alta Bicycle Share, told AFP. "At the same time, it will make New York City a healthier, cleaner, greener and safer place."

Urban bicycle rental programs have proved a success in various European cities like Paris and Barcelona, and have been introduced in U.S. cities like Washington, D.C., and Boston.
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