Saturday, August 27, 2011

Train Through Rain or Shine by Vincent Bradley of

Growing up an avid biker in Michigan can be difficult at times, especially during those winter and spring months; November to about April. That’s because as any one who has ever spent significant time in Michigan knows, the weather can be a little unpredictable (that’s nicely put, horrible is more realistic).  Sub-zero temperatures, frequent snowstorms, and constant spring showers, can make riding outdoors a little difficult.  Therefore it’s important to have an alternative training program in place if you’re training for a race during those months.  The solution I came up with was multi faceted, but a must have piece of equipment to replace your inability to train outside is a great exercise bike.

Having a exercise bike is important because as great as cross training can be, at the end of the day the only way to truly train for a race and get in great riding shape, is to ride (I’ve found that at the very least I need to spend time on a bike seat for a significant amount of time just to build up my rear end to the rigors of long race).  Luckily there’s now a tool from to help you narrow your search for the exercise bike that best meets your individual needs.   FTB’s new exercise bikes comparison allows you to sort and filter by what criteria is most important to you.  You can compare fields like brand, price, weight, purpose and even posture side-by-side, which allow you to easily see what’s best for you.

Or maybe you’re completely new to cycling and have no idea about the exercise bike market; using FTB’s exercise bike comparison you could easily see every exercise bike on the market and find the one that best meets your requirement.  While you may not be in the market for the Star Trac E-Ube ($5,295) it would still be good to know the different levels of exercise bikes, which exist.  Most likely though, you’ll be looking at the lower end of the price spectrum, so exercise bikes like Schwinn's 140 ($499), Ironman's 1615 ($349), Stamina's Indoor Cycle 1305 ($225), and Gold’s Gym PowerSpin 210 ($399) may interest you more.

Finding a great exercise bike can make all the difference when it comes to succeeding at your cycling goals.  Furthermore, don’t be surprise when you have a little left in the tank after a long ride, that extra time spent training that would have been wasted had you not had your exercise bike will be worth the purchase.  FindTheBest’s exercise bikes comparison makes finding an exercise bike simply and quick.

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Vincent Bradley is FindTheBest’s resident bike expert.  FindTheBest is an objective search comparison engine.  Use FindTheBest to make quick and informed decisions.
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