Saturday, August 13, 2011

Buying a New Bike by Vincent Bradley of

In recent years buying a new bike has become almost as big of a decision as buying a new car. As the cost of a new bike climbs upwards of a thousand dollars it’s a fair comparison to make. Furthermore, a purchase of that magnitude can greatly impact a person’s finances, so naturally it’s important to be well researched before you pull the trigger on any one bike.
Fortunately, has developed a few great tools to help you make informed, objective, and most importantly cost saving decisions. FTB’s road bikes comparisonmountain bikes comparison, and cyclocross bikes comparison now allows any type of biker to search and compare nearly every bike on the market to find a bike that meets their individual requirements. Using these great tools a user can come on and sort and filter by what is most important to them.
For instance if you’re a mountain bike rider, you could visit FTB’s mountain bikes comparison and filter and sort by wheel size, suspension type, frame material, gearing, price and much more. If you were looking for a medium priced downhill mountain bike, you could simple filter by price, full-suspension under the suspension filter, and select downhill under the category and you would be directed towards all the medium priced downhill bikes on the market (e.g. Specialized Big Hit IIIKona Operator FR, and Mongoose Nugget to name a few.)
Or maybe you were a serious road bike rider looking for the top of the line bike but really wanted to see if the price was really worth what you were getting. You could simply visit FTB’s road bikes comparison and compare the Giant TCR Advanced SL 0 ($13,000) vs. up to nine other bikes and see for yourself if the giant was truly worth the cost of a brand new car.
The great thing about FTB’s bike comparison tools is that a user can quickly and easily compare and see different bike specs side-by-side . Buying a new bike is a huge investment that should be well thought out, luckily there’s now a tool to simplify the process. Also Check out FindTheBest’s cyclocross bikes comparison if you’re more on the extreme sports side of biking.

Vincent Bradley is FindTheBest’s resident bike expert. FindTheBest is an objective search comparison engine. Use FindTheBest to make quick and informed decisions.

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