Wednesday, August 31, 2011

After four months on my Trek 7.1 FX

Just a quick update on my four month old 7.1.
With well over 1000 miles under it's top tube the Trek 7.1 FX has been bullet proof.
Zero adjustment needed. No flat tires. Rims are as true as a battle ships hull. The Shimano Acera derailleur shifts cleanly, not to mention efficiently. I've used this bike primarily as a commuter putting between 10 to twenty miles on it per day, five days a week. I should also mention that I weigh a svelte 230 lbs. and  that my commute takes me over all kinds of terrain including some dirt and gravel travel... All be it briefly.
I looked at quite a few of bikes in this class and it came down to a choice between the Raleigh Cadent FT0 and FT1 and the Specialized Sirrus. I also looked at the Trek 7.2 FX  but in the end the price and specs of the 7.1 couldn't be beat, at least not in the Indianapolis area. So far I'm very happy with this bike.
"What's not to like? It's an iron clad warship for under $450.00. Including tax."
Alright... warship might be a little strong, but's it pretty tough.
Maybe a tug boat.

S. Monkey

Note: The following day I broke a spoke and had to have it replaced. $20.00. Apparently I forgot to knock on wood while writing the above post...

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