Friday, August 12, 2011

2012 Trek 1.1

Frame> 100 Series Alpha Aluminum
Fork> Aluminum
Crankset> Vuelta Corsa, 50/34 compact
Derailleur's> Shimano 2300
Hubs> Alloy
Rims> Bontrager alloy
Tires> Bontrager T1, 700x23c
Brakes> Alloy dual pivot
Saddle> Bontrager Affinity 1
Price> around $700.00
Although tempted sometimes, I'm not ever going to apologize for posting information on $700.00 road bikes on my blog... I post info on $700.00 road bikes all the time. It's what Screaming Monkey Bike is all about. Because the fact is a $700.00 road bike is all the road bike many of us will ever need. There I said it...
One of the tricks (and challenges) in purchasing a new bicycle is to not spend more money than need be. If I had a nickel for every pot bellied middle age man I've seen riding a $4000.00 carbon fiber road bike I would be middle age man riding a $4000.00 carbon fiber road bike... Minus the pot belly. I think. I hope. I need to do better...
So for around $700.00 you get a strong, dependable, good looking road bike that says Trek on the side that will probably never break. What else do you want for $700.00?

S. Monkey
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