Tuesday, March 22, 2011

David Byrne's "Bicycle Diaries" and tunes.

Check out David Byrne's book "Bicycle Diaries" if you haven't already. The Scottish born musician/global intellectual/bicycle advocate's book covers some of his ideas on politics, energy- consumption, energy reduction, the art of urban dwelling and cycling in general. I guess what I'm trying to say is "this is a must read book" for cyclist' and anyone else for that matter who has ever been "taken to the river" shall we say. I've always had a list, not a physical list mind you but a mental list of people that I would love to sit down and have lunch with. This list has changed many times over the years but Byrne has always maintained a spot  somewhere on it. He and fellow musician Brian Eno have teamed up for a  musical collaboration called "Everything that happens will happen today") So make a pot of strong coffee, go to his web-site http://www.davidbyrne.com/ and just kinda fall into what he's doing these days. Like I said, a lot of David Byrne goes flying right over my head... but for some reason I'm not ashamed to admit it...

New York City bike racks designed by David Byrne. above^

Get more info about David Byrne, his book "Bicycle Diaries" and the CD "Everything that happens will happen today" with Brian Eno along with tour dates at http://www.davidbyrne.com/index.php and http://www.everythingthathappens.com/

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