Saturday, September 18, 2010

"It's a journey." or "Your on your own dude!"

The other day I was at Wal-mart purchasing one of their 8pc. packages of fried chicken, which by the way is very, very tasty and only half the price of the "Colonels" 8pc. bucket. Anyway, I noticed a young man who looked to be about 17 or 18 proudly pushing his newly purchased mountain bike across the front of the store. I considered, for a moment stopping him to try to explain that the bicycle he just spent $150.00 on was not a "real" bicycle but actually a dust collecting devise built to be set in a permanent spot in one's garage, only to be moved in the event of an emergency or a cleaning of said garage.
I wasn't sure how I would have approached him if I had decided to undertake this humanitarian mission. Maybe I would have said "Hey buddy, you got a receipt for that bike." Or maybe "If you walk out of this store with that thing your looking at the very least a great deal of regret, if not a complete nervous break down...
But alas, I let him go to begin the journey that may or may not lead to an enjoyable life of cycling. Maybe he bought the bike to collect dust in his garage for all I know. Maybe he won't notice that the wheels are out of true and becoming more out of true every time he rolls off a curb. Or that his 21 speed bike only works in 4 speeds, 3 of which make an awful clicking sound...
I hope he see's the error of his ways quickly and discovers that the true joy of cycling can only be found on a decent bicycle (not necessarily an expensive bicycle but a quality made bike put together in a real bicycle shop) and discovers that the mistake he made at the big box store on that late summer Thursday afternoon was really just the first step in a long and enjoyable life of cycling.
S. Monkey
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bluechair84 said...

I want to disagree and start some rolling argument here... I started out on one of those nightmare bikes. Double crown, front cable disc, dodgy URT design... I rode with older and wiser people but because I was like the bumble bee - (didn't know I had a crap bike) I just learnt to be fast. If you never get into biking, then spending that kind of money is the best thing for you. If you actually get into biking, then you will learn a hell of a lot of technique from that kind of bike. 10 years on and I can safely say I'm bloody competant :)