Saturday, May 8, 2010

Top 10 Benefits of Bicycle Commuting Programs for Businesses.

1. Increase worker productivity: Fit employees are more alert, more productive, perform better and more efficiently.
2. Improve employee health.
3. Lower health care costs: healthier employees can reduce health insurance costs.
4. Reduce parking cost.
5. Reduced carbon emissions.
6. Reduce turnover: Employers who appreciate workers' personal needs have less employee turnover.
7. Supporting bike commuting is less expensive than an in-office fitness facility.
8. Improve work/ life balance: Bike commuting can be substituted for the gym, saving employee’s personal time.
9. Community engagement: Bicycles can be produced and maintained locally by local bike shops contributing to local job opportunities as part of a sustainable economy.
10. Improve company image.

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