Saturday, May 8, 2010

Renova Hardwood Bicycles

R4 Pursuit

The Renova Hardwood Bicycle Company claims their bicycles will present you with the smoothest ride possible. Even though I've never ridden one, I believe them. They manufacture two models of hardwood frames, the R4 Pursuit and the R3 Road. Different finishes are available. These bikes are not inexpensive but when you consider the work that went into building them the price seems quite reasonable. They also manufacture bike stands that combined with one of these bikes would look beautiful in any living room. The Renova Company also owns the Panda Bamboo Bicycle Company which you guessed it, Makes bamboo bicycle frames.
The Renova Hardwood Bicycle reminds me of a high end loudspeaker that looks beautiful in your home but is even more impressive when you turn it on...
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S. Monkey

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