Sunday, November 1, 2009

VANMOOF Bicycle by Sjoerd Smit

If you think the city is a tough place to live in, you should try riding your bicycle on the streets during rush hour. Between buses and yellow cabs weaving their way through traffic with reckless abandon, you never quite know who’s going to stay in which lane. It’s a good thing the Dutch have accounted for this with the VANMOOF Bicycle by Sjoerd Smit. The VANMOOF is a light urban cruiser weighing just under 28 lbs that allows you to ride quickly and deftly, both crucial aspects of urban biking and survival. The powder-coated, rustproof aluminum frame directly incorporates a unique solar-powered two LED light system, ensuring your safety and visibility at all times. Moreover, being a single speed bicycle with a rear coaster brake to eliminate the complexity of wiring, and quality components such as Schwalbe Road Cruiser tires and a Brooks saddle, the VANMOOF is all about efficient and effective simplicity with just a touch design elegance.

Available world wide and in the U.S. at Areaware -

about $600.00

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Jonathan said...

I am digging that!