Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mothers Day bike crash or "Honey I'm home..."

the wild flowers
On Mothers Day this year I had a bicycle crash. I posted some pictures right after it happened but never explained the series of events that developed on that very special Mothers Day. I started the day off by planting a small wild flower garden for my wife. After that project was finished I told the love of my life that I was going for a little ride at our local bike trails. Up to this point everything was going fine. At the trails I did my regular laps at my regular speed. On the fourth lap I tried to take what is basically a drop-off a little too fast. I remember the front wheel hitting the ground hard. Hard! Then I remember my face hitting the gravel and sliding to a stop. My face slid to a stop. I knew it was pretty bad right away. I was sure I lost a few teeth which turned out to be false. I stood up after finding my crumpled glasses about 5ft. away and noticed the stream of blood pouring from my upper lip and nose. I made the decision to ride my bike home right away. It was either that or call my wife on my cell which would have completely flipped the poor woman out. I got back on my bike and took off on the 3 mile jaunt back home. I wasn't in shock per say, but I wasn't far off from it either. I remember the look on the faces of five or six people I saw on the ride home. Pretty funny looking back. "Hi" they'd say. Followed by on most accounts by a "oh my god" or holy shit". I made it home looking like the top photo. I strolled in the front door and announced "Honey, before you come out I want you to know that I'm O.K. This was preceded by another "oh my god" along with my fifteen year old son's "holy shit". I heard those two phrases a lot that day... Jennifer gave me a wet wash cloth and off we went to the emergency room. After three hours, six stitches and a whole lot of scrubbing by the nurses on duty who seemed to have a lot of sympathy for me for reasons I'm still not sure of today. I guess they appreciated that at least I got hurt riding a bicycle as opposed to some other stupid reason. More likely they thought I was a stupid man who deserved all the sympathy he could get...The middle photo was taken after the hospital visit. The bottom photo is me with the mountain bike instructional book my wife presented me with about a week later... Life is good...

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