Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Monkey Blog.

Some of the blogs and MTB sites I've looked at lately are kinda intimidating. From SRAM to Shimano and carbon fiber cranks to $600.00 headsets, its all a bit much for this old man. The reviews that some folks do on bikes and equipment is incredible. Some of the reviews are more in depth than the one's the manufactures do on their own products! All this expertise, while very enlightening makes my blog seem a little A.D.D induced, if you will. None the less, I'm having fun jumping from one subject to the next all the while posting what I think is interesting about mountain biking. I'm far from being an expert on this subject but no one has more fun than me flying down a trail or going for a road jaunt on Sunday afternoon. So if your just starting out and feeling a bit overwhelmed take a look at how simple I keep it. You don't need to have a carbon fiber anything to have a good time.

        S. Monkey

my gear [ yes, thats all of it ! ]

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